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Here at ALS, one of our most popular services is verti draining, we can complete verti draining on any sort of sports turf, big or small. Whether we need to send out a whole fleet of verti-drainers to complete the job or just a singular one, we have the equipment, workforce and ability to do so.

What is Verti draining?

Verti draining is the process of inserting tines into the surface of the ground, used to break up soil compaction. These tines create multiple, small holes on the surface of the turf. The holes created from vertidraining allow oxygen into the soil and the greens to drain properly, making room for aeration.

What does Vertidraining do?

Using verti-drain machinery provides the best conditions for healthy root growth and helps prevent waterlogging. It also helps thatch breakdown and improves cushioning. It’s best practice for turf renovation and maintenance, we recommend carrying out verti draining once or twice a year to keep your sports turf looking its best, usually in the months of February and October or November.



Take a look at how we carry out our verti draining services on our YouTube channel:

Here at ALS, we have top-of-the-range machines to carry out vertidraining for your sports turf, whether you own a golf course, football pitch or bowling green, we can make sure it’s in the best shape for the playing season ahead.


Benefits of verti draining

  • Aeration – essential element of turf maintenance, provides a long term solution to aerating your soil
  • Improves surface drainage
  • Soil structure is improved and maintained
  • Aids thatch breakdown
  • Improves surface dryness
  • Reduces soil compaction
  • Encourages healthy roots


The benefits above makes sure that your turf is a better playing surface, both in performance and resilience, for whichever sport it’s used for, even in the harshest weather conditions.

Our team is ready to get to work, they always go above and beyond when carrying out services and never cut corners, making sure to treat every single inch of turf. Aeration and verti-draining are essential when carrying out maintenance on natural grass turf and we make sure it’s done carefully and properly. All of our team is insured and work to strict health and safety guidelines.

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Ready to get started on our vertidraining services? We believe there’s no team quite like the ALS Contracts team. With many years of experience, a stack of amazing testimonials and lots of happy clients, we’d be your perfect partner when it comes to your sports turf. From football, rugby, gold, bowling, tennis and a lot more, we can handle every single type of sports turf out there. Our team are truly experts, and they carry out their work with a smile on their face. What are you waiting for? Use the contact form below to submit a quick enquiry to our friendly team and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

The Verti Drain Machine

Verti-drain and Widenmann Terraspike Solid Tine Aerator 1.5m TD


Can decompact down to full working depth of 14 inches. Suitable for winter sports pitches, fairways and outfields.

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      “Just a quick note to ask you to pass on my thanks to the two guys that were here at Fulwell last week. I was really impressed with the way they went about their work, professionally and efficiently. All in all, a great job. Top marks fellas!”
      Paul Brown, Course Manager, Fulwell Golf Club