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Scarifying is a fast and efficient way to remove thatch, moss and dead/organic matter from turf. Scarifying has become common practice as part of renovating turf areas prior to overseeding during the spring or autumn months. Removing thatch, moss and other organic matter will enhance the turf encouraging healthy growth and a more dense sward. Our machines are suitable for all fine turf areas and winter sports pitches, fairways and outfields.


Scarifying Machinery Available

Maredo MT200 Flex-Verticutter


Ideal for golf fairways and cricket outfields; removing thatch both cleanly and incredibly quickly. Three independent floating heads mean that any undulating surfaces pose no challenge.

Sisis Veemo Scarifier


Ideal for undulating ground. Work rate double pass approx 4 hectares a day and is effective even in damp conditions.

Sisis TM1000 Deep Scarifier


Can complete 18 golf greens in one day, collects debris and is capable of scarifying between 17-25mm.

Rytec Scarifier


Large area flail action scarifier, which collects leaving a clean finish.

Graden Scarifier


Heavy duty pedestrian scarifier which will penetrate deeply (up to 50mm).

Sisis Rotorake


Pedestrian scarifier used on bowling greens and lawn areas where access is a problem. Working width of 50cm.

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      “The lawns had begun to deteriorate over time and were full of weeds such as Daisies, Dandelions and Speedwell. The mature shrubs and bedding plants meant that it was a tricky job calling for expertise that we don’t have. We contacted the ALS Contracts Team because of their professional reputation, we’ve used them before and found them to be very good. We were contacted the day before to finalise arrangements, we’d elected for an early morning spray to avoid conflict with the public and the ALS team turned up on time and ready to get stuck in. Before I knew it they’d applied the herbicide and were applying the granular fertiliser. It was evenly applied and despite the proximity of delicate plants not a single plant was damaged, no signs of scorch or baulk marks which meant that it all went exactly where I wanted it. I could see the Daisies starting to die later that same day. The overall effect has been amazing, it really sets off the planting display. Bridgnorth is being judged by the Britain in Bloom Awards in a fortnights time so to have the lawns looking so weed-free and consistent really adds the finishing touches. Very impressed with the ALS Contracts Team.”
      Anthony Ellis, Bridgnorth Town Council