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Here at ALS Contracts, we provide a range of sports turf irrigation services across the UK for football pitches, golf courses, bowling greens, rugby fields, and many more. Keeping a sports turf in good condition is not an easy task. Not only does it require extensive knowledge and experience, but it also needs the right equipment and processes. ALS has been carrying out sports turf irrigation for many years, with a dedicated team alongside trusted subcontractors that have years of experience providing this service.

Sports Pitch Irrigation

Maintaining a sports pitch depends on many factors – natural soil properties, soil type, climate conditions, fertilisation, weed control – and also requires all the right equipment (sprinklers, pipe system) as well as expertise to properly irrigate the field. ALS is one of the leading companies in the UK with the necessary expertise to complete an irrigation system to maintain your sports turf, our team digs up your sports pitch to make way for reputable subcontractors to complete the installation.


Irrigation Services

Our team works hard to provide a solution that suits you. Whatever your requirements, we’ll do our best to cater to them. Hire ALS to complete your sports pitch irrigation services and we’ll work with you to design and install an effective irrigation system specifically for your sports turf. Our team completes the digging portion of irrigation services and we outsource the installation to trusted subcontractors. We’ll make sure to minimise any disruption to your operations, getting the job done as fast as we can and outside of your turf’s busiest days. The intensity of the playing season is sure to affect your turf, make sure it stays healthy by hiring ALS Contracts to help install a fully automated irrigation system which applies the optimal amount of water to your turf. This system includes a water tank, pump, pipework, and sprinklers.


The benefits of sports irrigation

The grass is greener on the irrigated side!

There’s no question that irrigated turf is a lot healthier, greener, and just overall better than grass that hasn’t had an irrigation system built-in. Healthy grass is the main component of a successful sports pitch, it’ll perform better for whatever is being played on it and look nicer.

Saves time

Hire ALS Contracts to help install a fully automated irrigation system and it will save you a lot of time, you won’t be worrying about when you should water your turf and how much water should go on it, everything is done for you.



Saves water

The perfect amount of water is used on your turf, there’s no overwatering and not one drop is wasted. Therefore, you’re decreasing water wastage.


Less water wastage means less money spent on water. These sports irrigation systems are extremely cost-effective.

Greens can be watered as well as fertilised

Fertiliser can be implemented into your water production so that your greens are getting fertilised and watered – taking the stress away from fertilisation, saving time and creating healthier greens.

If you’re interested in ALS’ sports turf irrigation services, then contact us today and we’d be happy to assist you with your requirements.

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      “Just a quick note to ask you to pass on my thanks to the two guys that were here at Fulwell last week. I was really impressed with the way they went about their work, professionally and efficiently. All in all, a great job. Top marks fellas!”
      Paul Brown, Course Manager, Fulwell Golf Club