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Sand-banding Turf Services

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Sand-banding outcome


Sand-banding is the ideal secondary drainage system, designed to work with existing lateral drains. Sand-banding provides rapid surface drainage and is ideal for areas prone to waterlogging. Our machines create slits at 250mm centres, 140-200mm deep, 10-15mm wide, which are then filled to the surface with sand. Advantages of sand-banding include there being very little growing in time required and pitches can be played on quickly.

Sand-banding Blec Sandmaster Blec Sandmaster

Areas of use – Sports Pitches and Golf Fairways

The injection system on this machine is on the oscillating cam principal as described for the sand injector. The machine is 1.5m wide, slits are cut by a rotary decompactor, blades set a 25cm spacings and cutting 15mm slots at a maximum depth of 20cm. Thus the ground is compacted prior to the injection of drainage material, and ridging does not occur. Suitable for the application of moist sand, leica and 2-6mm grit.

Sand-banding Blec Vibra Sand InjectorBlec Vibra Sand Injector

Area of use – Golf Greens

The Blec Sand Injector is 1m wide. Slits are cut by discs at 25cm centres to a maximum depth of 14cm, 20mm wide. An oscillating cam causes vibration of the injection legs, which enables the slits to be filled to full depth without bridging, whilst shattering the surrounding soil. The Sand Injector will handle moist sand, leica and 2-6mm grit.

The ALS Contracts Team can be contacted on 01952 898518 or 01952 898518 for enquiries regarding Sand-banding or email contracts@amenity.co.uk

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