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Turf Disease Control Services

Emergency Turf Disease ControlEmergency Call Out Service

Don’t falter on your turf disease control. Turf diseases commonly occur when turf is under stress. Diseases can have many effects on turf whether it’s through visual appearance, playability or lack of wear tolerance. Some turf diseases occur where soil fertility is low. An few examples are Red Thread and Dollar Spot, whilst Fusarium appears in turf where fertility is high. Turf diseases can be managed through maintenance regimes to help improve conditions. These include feeding, aeration, scarification, hollow coring and maybe applications of a preventative fungicide. For outbreaks of disease, fungicides are usually the quickest and most effective methods. Applying a curative fungicide can help prevent further spread and reduce existing symptoms to get the disease under control.

Information on Turf Disease Control

Best methods of control: Most problematic turf diseases are best controlled through a liquid/spray application of an appropriate fungicides, whether you are looking to prevent or cure an outbreak.

Common Turf Diseases include: Fusarium, Red Thread, Dollar Spot, Anthracose, Leaf Spot, Rust.

Special 24 hour emergency response service for outbreaks of disease, please call 01952 898518 or 01952 898519.

Turf Disease Control of FusariumFusarium
Turf Disease Control of Red ThreadRed Thread
Turf Disease Control of Dollar SpotDollar Spot
Turf Disease Control of AnthracnoseAnthracnose
Turf Disease Control of Leaf SpotLeaf Spot
Turf Disease Control of RustRust

If you a have problem and you’re not sure how to solve it, speak with our qualified technical advisors who are more than happy to help on 01952 898518 or 01952 898519 or email contracts@amenity.co.uk

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