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Plant Growth Regulators Application

Plant Growth Regulators Without Primo MaxxPlant Growth Regulators With Primo Maxx

Plant Growth Regulators tend to be used as a specialist treatment throughout the sports turf industry, however it is becoming more popular to treat areas that can be difficult to mow or access such as perimeter areas, embankments, bund walls and tree bases. There are many benefits to applying plant growth regulators to turf areas, these not only include the obvious reduction in mowing maintenance but, plant growth regulators such as Primo Maxx, divert growth downwards into the root system increasing food reserves and lateral stem development. This in turn produces a thicker, healthier sward that is better equip to deal with temperature extremes, moisture loss, traffic, wear and tear.

When should plant growth regulators be applied

Growth regulators are best applied when grass is actively growing (April through to September) or when soil temperatures average 8-10 degrees or above for more than 5 consecutive days.

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