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Moss Control Services

Moss In Turf - Moss ControlMosses are low growing species that have no vascular system and no woody parts. The lack of a vascular system makes them susceptible to desiccation and, therefore, they tend to be found in damp, moist and even aquatic habitats, although not exclusively, and some species have remarkable adaptations to very dry habitats.

Moss can be a problem within turf and the appearance of hard surfaces, such as pathways and tennis courts, can be compromised by mosses. These two areas need to be considered separately as they require different solutions.

Methods of moss control on a hard surface such as tarmac

Regular brushing with a stiff brush can help reduce the build up of moss upon a surface. However, once it is established the easiest way of removing the moss is to use a herbicide.

Methods of moss control within turf

Moss On Tarmac - Moss control Moss becomes abundant in anaerobic situations where the grass is not growing vigorously, for example; where the soil is compacted or does not drain freely, or the grass may have been scalped, the area may be shaded or the nutrient status of the soil may be depleted. These situations can be alleviated with aeration, generally undertaken in the spring or autumn when sufficient warmth and moisture are available to enable the grass to repair itself. A typical renovation will involve applying a moss control herbicide product that will also control certain broad-leaved weeds, or a sulphate of iron based product.

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