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Here at ALS, we complete golf course renovation as well as maintenance. We believe our golf course maintenance and management services are second to none. We’ve been keeping golf courses all around the UK in pristine condition for many years. 

Outsource your Golf Course Maintenance

Outsourcing golf course maintenance is a great way to take care of your golf course without having to hire full-time staff. The key benefits of outsourcing golf course maintenance are the following:

– Reduce labour costs
– Save time and energy for staff
– Services when you need them
– Never stress about the condition of your course or worry about staff shortage
– Bespoke services tailored to your course’s requirements

The game of golf is played all year round, with no breaks, only slightly slower or less busy months. Due to the potential amount of wear and tear and the sheer size of each golf course, maintenance needs to be completed by experts, which is exactly what the ALS Contracts team are.

ALS will create a long-term plan for your golf course, consisting of analysis, implementation and constant improvement and monitoring. Ensuring that we’re always keeping up with best practices and that we know your golf course like the back of our hands.


Getting Started with Golf Course Management Services

We’re complete experts in sports turf services, especially when it comes to golf courses, it’s extremely important to get the turf of your golf course right. If your turf isn’t maintained properly, that can severely affect your members’ enjoyment and can even lead to them seeking out a different course to practice and play games on. Your turf affects where each golf ball travels and the ease of playing on your course.

We make sure to take care of your fairways, greens, aprons, and tees – no corner is left untouched when you take up a maintenance contract with us. Perfect greens should provide a smooth putting surface, the grass should be of uniform length, and consist of no weeds or pests. Fairways and tees in excellent condition make sure the ball can be struck well, are mowed regularly, and consist of no holes or irregularities.

There’s a lot involved in our maintenance services: contract spraying, hollow coring, verti draining, fertiliser applications, turf disease control, top dressing, sand banding, scarifying, aeration, renovation, weed control, mowing, drainage services, greenkeeping, overseeding, and much more.

We’re well-equipped to deal with everything your golf course needs to keep its turf healthy. This includes state-of-the-art equipment and machines, and also a team of highly qualified greenkeepers and sports turf specialists. We only want the best for your turf, which is why we only hire the best and only use the best gear.


How to Select the Right Company or Individual for You

Outsourcing is not a new concept. It has been practised for decades. The popularity of outsourcing has grown in the last few years because of the increasing costs and time constraints on businesses.

Outsourcing golf course maintenance services can be beneficial for you, but it is important to know what you are looking for before you select a company to work with. If you want to outsource, then make sure that you are selecting a company with a team that is qualified enough and who will be able to deliver what you need within your budget and timeline.

Here at ALS Contracts, we make sure to have a discussion with any prospective clients as to what they need and how we’re going to deliver it. This way, we can understand their requirements and make sure we’re catering to each customer’s needs, as we know every golf course is different. We’ve also got a lot of raving customers’ testimonials and have built up a reputation for ourselves within the sports turf industry as being reliable and effective, so we believe we’d be the best partner for you and your golf course.

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      “Just a quick note to ask you to pass on my thanks to the two guys that were here at Fulwell last week. I was really impressed with the way they went about their work, professionally and efficiently. All in all, a great job. Top marks fellas!”
      Paul Brown, Course Manager, Fulwell Golf Club