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CASE STUDIES – Japanese Knotweed Control

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Client :
Great Wyrley Garden Services

Brief Summary


The ALS contracts team was approached to undertake industrial Japanese Knotweed Control, Fallopia japonica, that had rampaged over 1.5-2 acres of land in Halesowen in the West Midlands.


Japanese Knotweed is a highly invasive none-native Schedule 9 species that has been a problem since it was introduced into Britain by Victorian botanists. It spreads rapidly, through vegetative means; it is equipped with a root system consisting of rhizomes, underground storage organs which enable it to colonise areas many of which are brown-field or industrial sites.

Contracts Manager Dave Harvey made the initial assessment of the site, reviewing aspects such as the location of the Japanese Knotweeds in relation to water-courses, the area that it covered, what the land would be used for after, the surrounding vegetation and access to site.

After reviewing the options: cultural, biological and finally chemical control, it was agreed that the most effective method of control for the Japanese Knotweed would be through herbicide application.

Japanese Knotweed Control was initially undertaken in May when the immature plant was at a height of 0.8m. Spraying was undertaken by two licensed operatives and closely monitored to obtain maximum benefit.

At all stages of treatment the client was kept fully informed and made aware of the work that was being undertaken. Within just one growing season the control and eradication of the Japanese Knotweed was successful.

ALS are renowned as the nationwide experts in industrial weed control, with over a century of collective experience they can be relied upon to provide a professional service to the very highest of standards.

Japanese Knotweed Control

The benefit of employing ALS Contracts team:

• Control and eradication of an extensive and established stand of Japanese Knotweed
• Cost effective control within one growing season
• No requirement to dispose of roots or soil that would be considered as hazardous waste (Hazardous Waste Regulations 2005)
• Professional weed control undertaken by licensed operatives that comply with all existing legislation
• Happy client

The ALS Contracts Team can be contacted on 01952 898518 or 01952 898519 for enquiries regarding weed control.

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      ALS Contracts were recommended to us by another golf club, and after doing some research and price comparisons I decided they were best suited for the job.
      From start to finish the team explained exactly what work would be undertaken, how long it would take and the finish I could expect.”
      Perry Lowe, Course Manager, Orsett Golf Club