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ALS Contracts supplies independent agronomy services that help keep sports turf fit for play.

Here at ALS, we are one of the leading agronomy companies UK, when you hire us, we’ll send out a team of independent sports turf agronomists. All qualified, experienced, and extremely knowledgeable in the field of agronomy. We spend a lot of time mapping out our plan exact to every client’s requirement. After all, every sports pitch is different, and each will need a bespoke solution.

Sports Turf Agronomy

Agronomy is the study of the science of soil management and crop production. It’s agriculture from an integrated, holistic perspective. Our independent agronomists carry out a range of tasks including:

  • Supporting with maintenance issues
  • Examining water, soil, and other influences on turf health
  • Pest and weed prevention treatment plans
  • Track plant growth and environmental conditions
  • Make sure treatment plans follow legislation and best practice
  • Update methods based on the latest field developments
  • Incorporate new scientific findings into the management plan
  • Providing recommendations for the turf and soil selection
  • Fertilisation of crops



Independent Sports Turf Agronomists

Whilst agronomy is also known for being carried out on farms, the difference is that instead of focusing on crop production, the focus is put onto making sure that the turf of your sports pitch is kept to a high standard for whatever sport it’s used for and is safe to be played on. Assessing both the performance and health of the turf.

We’ve been in the horticulture industry for many years, our independent agronomist team will be able to assist you with maintaining your sports turf and keeping your soil healthy. The health and performance of your turf is our top priority.

Hiring our independent agronomists will make sure your sports turf is performing the best it possibly can. Golf courses, rugby pitches, football pitches, bowling greens, tennis courts and other sports pitches will all have extremely different needs to keep their turf healthy. That’s why we make sure the agronomy team we send out to you is knowledgeable within the sport that’s being played on your turf, and they’ll be able to carry out services that will make your grass perform at optimal efficiency. Our agronomists all possess a practical understanding of the work and difficulties, sound technical knowledge, qualifications, and a commitment to each client.

The Importance of Agronomy

There are many factors that cause extreme challenges when running a sporting club or golf course, these can include weeds, pests, roots, the climate, and many more. Our independent experts can carry out innovative agronomic practices, created from many hours of research and analysis to decrease, or prevent these challenges affecting your turf.

Agronomy is extremely important in sports pitch maintenance. Without healthy turf, not many people will want to visit your club or course, meaning they might look to a competitor and your earnings will be affected.

Our independent agronomists also focus on conserving our natural environment, carrying out their work in a more sustainable way.

If you’re interested in services from one of the UK’s leading agronomy companies, contact ALS Contracts today using our enquiry form, phone number or email. We’ll be happy to assist with all your requirements.

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      “Just a quick note to ask you to pass on my thanks to the two guys that were here at Fulwell last week. I was really impressed with the way they went about their work, professionally and efficiently. All in all, a great job. Top marks fellas!”
      Paul Brown, Course Manager, Fulwell Golf Club