Some very exciting news for one of the golf courses we have completed sports turf services for, Tilgate Forest Golf Centre has made it into Golf World’s top 100 courses for under £35 in the UK! ALS provides a range of services for Tilgate which helps keep their turf healthy and the course in pristine condition for playing golf.

This list by Golf World compiles the best, most affordable golf courses in the UK. Getting value for your money has never been more important in this British economy, with inflation on the rise and many people having to cut back on their luxuries, having an affordable hobby is becoming a rarity. Especially one such as golf, many courses charge upwards of £200 just for a single game. Located in Sussex, Tilgate Forest Golf Centre will set you back no more than £25-30 for 18 holes, and we might be slightly biased, but the turf is extremely well-maintained and fit for any professional golfer.

Here at ALS, we weren’t surprised when Tilgate entered into this list of the 100 Best Cheap Golf Courses (Under £35) in Great Britain & Ireland. Our team has helped carry out some extensive renovation works on the course which supported Tilgate in securing this spot. By working together over a difficult start to the season, we were able to support the skilled green keepers in achieving their annual maintenance plan, on time and on budget.

The services we completed include:

  • Chemical applications on the greens – essential fungicide application during spring greens aeration programme.
  • Chemical applications on the tees, aprons, and fairways – iron application to condition playing surfaces.
  • Bridges repairs
  • Clearance of open ditches – manual labour to unblock existing ditches – all 27 holes affected
  • Verti draining 18 x holes – full verti draining of greens (priority), tees & fairways on the 18 hole + 9 hole course – 16 hectares total area. Similar works were carried out by ALS in December, at Richmond Park.
  • Overseeding fairways – full double-pass overseeding 18 hole + 9 hole course – 16 hectares total area. Overseeding is generally not included in Glendale Golf maintenance budgets due to high cost but is now essential due to increased usage and strategy to improve quality.
  • Sand banding greens – injects sand directly into greens


Alex Godfrey of Parkwood Leisure praised the ALS Contracts team for their efforts, stating:

“ALS provided their full support in our strategic plan around golf course improvements for Tilgate Forest Golf Centre.  The staff were professional, efficient and helped advise particularly as we were trying to work around the weather in late February and March, with their help we have managed to achieve our ambition of making Tilgate Forest Golf Centre one of the best golf courses in the UK.”

A massive well done to Tilgate and everyone involved in making this course one of the best, most affordable golf courses in the UK. If you own or run a golf club and you want your course to be recognised as one of the best in the UK, you’ve got to have healthy turf and a well-maintained course. Hiring ALS is the best option to achieve this, our team have years of experience in sports turf services and specifically maintaining golf courses. Contact us today for a quote.

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