Seven Aeration Army

ALS Contracts’ fleet of machinery has again expanded with the addition of two new Wiedenmann Terra Spike XD6’s now taking the fleet to 7 Wiedenmann Terra Spikes.

Increasingly ALS Contracts has been offering an “all fairways in one day” package to golf clubs across the UK. Interest has been favourable because of convenience and efficient results. Repeat bookings have prompted ALS to expand their number of machines.

Dave Harvey, Contracts Manager at ALS Contracts says when it comes to deep aeration, his customers have come to expect all round excellence. Accordingly, he has committed to the best machines for task which he believes to be the Wiedenmann Terra Spike XD which comes in either a 1.6 width or a 2.1 m.

He said: “We now have 6 x XD6s and 1 x XD8; when all 7 machines are working we can cover a width of 11.7 m in just one pass, this gives us the capability to aerate and decompact up to 22 hectares per day with a continuous 125 mm x 125 mm square pattern.

“We can get in, get the job done and get out with minimal disruption and down time for our customers.”

Mike James, Wiedenmann UK’s Sales Manager said:

“Dave and his team are at one with the XD; they know exactly when to go, what heave and which depth will suit the conditions. Regular aeration is one of those critical tasks that needs doing but you want it to happen with least fuss.

“With any surface you’ll find the XD is precise and doesn’t pucker. On golf courses the XDs handle undulations effortlessly while on rugby and football pitches, you can expect a decent 5 km/hr while getting down effortlessly to 275 mm.”

As well as delivering best practice aeration, Dave Harvey wants the best for his dedicated staff who accommodate early starts and late finishes to meet client requests. Wiedenmann Terra Spikes have two patented shock systems called Vibrastop and PowerPack; together they absorb jolts and vibrations caused by extreme compaction or from stones. The result is unrivalled smoothness and importantly, the operator and tractor are protected, too.

To book the ALS Contracts team, please call; 01952 259281

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