ALS Contracts have recently taken delivery of a new implement designed to maximise the quality of sport pitch renovation projects.

The new Thyregod TSR-4000 four meter stone rake will be employed by contracts manager Dave Harvey and his team to further improve the quality of sports field work. Dave explains; “A key challenge when reconstructing or renovating top level sports pitches is to incorporate fresh fibre sand into the surface. Often the material forms clumps of concentrated fibre which goes against the whole principle of the material being evenly distributed in the surface, always aiming to work to the highest standards we sought to overcome this problem. After investigating a number of possible solutions and holding conversations with various manufacturers, we decided the best solution to overcome this situation was to utilise the rotary action of the TSR-4000’s teeth in combination with its variable working depth. As a result, we are able to agitate and comb the material into the surface in a way which reduces clumping and therefore maximises even distribution of the fibre through the profile.”


It wasn’t just the ability of the Thyregod machine to effectively distribute the fibre sand that made it the perfect solution for the ALS Contracts team but also enhancing the precision of work undertaken. “The four meter working length was a big attraction for us in choosing the TSR-4000” commented Dave, “in simple terms, the wider the working width the greater the accuracy of the final product, this enables our team of operators to continually improve what we deliver to our customers.”

thyregod-tsr-4000-stone-rake-2The Thyregod TSR-4000 Stone Rake will also provide added options when constructing sports pitches in local native soils.

Utilising the variable working depth allows the removal of stones from soil down to 100mm, this is achieved by the rotation of the tines as they pass through the soil progressively filtering stones sideways from the middle. Two wind-rows of stony material which would otherwise potentially damage aeration and mowing equipment, or even the sports players themselves are deposited at the sides of the construction area where they can then be removed from site.

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