ALS Contracts have taken delivery of two new pieces of top class equipment to further bolster their extensive sport turf maintenance and renovation machinery fleet. The purchase of the 66 horsepower John Deere 4066R compact utility tractor and Koro Field Top Maker 2000 will enable the ALS Contracts team to undertake sports pitch renovations and maintenance using the very best quality equipment.

ALS Contracts Manager Dave Harvey commented, “We are delighted to take delivery of the latest, updated version of the Koro Field Top Maker (FTM) 2000 fraise mower and are looking forward to putting it to good use servicing a range of our customers who manage and maintain football and rugby pitches, golf courses and cricket tables. It will enable us to remove unwanted surface material cleanly and efficiently and when used in conjunction with the rest of our renovation fleet we can ensure that turf surfaces can be returned to play quickly and cost effectively. We also took the decision to take delivery of an additional scarifying head, which means that we can also use the KORO FTM 2000 to remove excess organic material and thatch, whilst leaving the majority of the sports turf surface intact. Once this material is raked out of the turf surface by the scarifying head we can then eject it straight into a companion trailer due to the integrated side arm elevator. This results in immediate and total removal of the waste material, with no mess left on the surface.”

John Deere 4066 Utility Tractor

In addition to the KORO Field Top Maker 2000, Dave and his team are pleased to have taken delivery of a new John Deere 4066 Utility Tractor. Dave said; “We have used John Deere tractors for a number of years and the addition of a new sturdy companion to join our existing fleet gives us added resilience and flexibility when carrying out a range of operations such as; compaction relief, hollow tining, scarifying, spraying, overseeding, top dressing, drainage and construction work, or even salt spreading in the winter months! This will enable us to better serve our new and existing customers at a range of locations, from golf courses, football and rugby pitches to bowling and cricket clubs, as well as private estates, local authorities and businesses.”

The Koro Field Top Maker (FTM) 2000 is a heavy-duty fraise mower, for removing unwanted surface matter such as poa annua, thatch, weeds or even the entire turf surface to a depth of up to 50mm. A side arm conveyor removes debris directly into a trailer, leaving a level, even surface. The FTM 2000 is designed for sports turf applications like football & rugby pitches, cricket, bowling and golf clubs. Several new, optional rotors allow the FTM 2000 to be used for a variety of different surface renovations, including scarifying, surface planing, and the cleaning out of organic matter from fibre-reinforced sports pitches.

The John Deere 4066R compact utility tractor includes a number of premium features and comfort with the power to take on virtually any task you can throw at it, the new 4R Series is top-of-the-line when it comes to compact utility tractors. Boasting up to 66 horsepower engines, and exclusive state-of-the-art features like Hitch Assist, Aux Hitch Control, and HST controls like LoadMatch™, SpeedMatch™, and MotionMatch™.

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