The ALS Contracts team was called upon to provide their expertise to design and install 6 hectares of a planting scheme in a beautiful location in the West Midlands. ALS has a professional botanist on their team. After taking soil samples and digging profile pits to assess the nutritive value of the substrate, a comprehensive recommendation was proposed in consultation with the client’s specific requirements.

The brief was to create a variety of habitats; woodland, hedges, wetland and wild-flower meadows. After reviewing the growing conditions and assessing the species that were growing locally a plan was created with the assistance of the ALS graphic designer. This enabled the client to see clearly what the potential of the area was and make informed decisions.

Once the plan was approved, the area was rabbit fenced and within one week over 700 native hedgerow species were pit-planted with spirals, canes and the assistance of mycorrhiza. ALS Contracts has close links with a major grower which enabled the best plants to be purchased at very favourable prices, providing great value for the client and saving them having to deal with numerous different suppliers. A deterrent mix was incorporated to funnel access by locals that had been using the area informally.

Several areas of woodland have been planted with 3m standards to speed up the process and vary the structure along with shrubs to provide a habitat for nesting birds. Many of the species have been selected because of the benefit they offer aesthetically, but also because they will provide food and a habitat for birds, butterflies and bees. The meadows are to be planted in the autumn when reliable rainfall will be available for wild flower seeds that will be sown into a prepared sward. Pathways will be established and a pool built so that the site will fully become a resource for wildlife.

The fencing and planting have been achieved in a surprisingly short period of time, to exceptional standards keeping in mind the requirements of the client and neighbouring properties. At all stages the client was consulted and professionally advised ensuring they received the benefit of experience and knowledge that wouldn’t have been available from a single other organisation. Truly outstanding service.

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