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Worm Casts – Turf Pest Control

Worm Casts

About Worms & Worm Casts

Earthworms play an important part in the ecosystem, working below ground, maintaining , aerating and even decompacting soils. Worms consume large quantities of soil and decaying organic matter once they have taken the nutrition need from the soil it is then excreted in the form of worm casts. Out of the twenty five species in the UK, only three are known to leave casts on the surface.


Worm cast are easily identified with small mounds/deposits of soil sitting on the turf surface. Worm casts cause problems for many greenkeepers and groundsman, the casts can be very slimy and if left can become messy through mowing, play and walking. Worms are capable of producing a large number of casts, particularly when the ground is wet, this is why casts are traditionally seen from autumn through to early spring.

Methods of Control

Cultural management

Worms like organic matter so managing/reducing organic matter levels by removing food sources such as grass clippings and fallen leaves on turf can deter worm activity, this isn’t always possible on large areas of sports turf. Improving the drainage in problem areas can also help reduce worm activity

Chemical Control

The most common and effective method for controlling worms is through an application of a chemical called Carbendazim. Applying Carbendazim to affected areas during the autumn and early spring will give you the best control. ALS Contract can provide a Supply and apply or apply only service.

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